What is SEA-GATE

The Seagate Automated System

Segate is a "plug and Play" solution expressly created for a port community.  It allows to simply and quickly fulfill the EU Custom amendments about security,  by offering a large choice of modular components which can be adapted and supplemented according to needs and characteristics of each community. They turn to the complete computerisation of  import and export processes of both containerized cargo and general cargo.

Seagate is a web product, that can be easily interfaced with other existing systems.
In addition to providing users of different applications to generate documents, Seagate even communicates through structured messages in all standard formats such as EDIFACT, XML, with proprietary formats established by the Customs and customer proprietary formats for which can be easily realized specific interfaces, in full accordance with the customer's systems.

To test Seagate, without obligation, please contact our callcenter, from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm each weekday and from 6.00 am to 2.00 pm on Saturday.

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HuB Telematica Scarl

HuB Telematica Scarl is a company that aggregates the Departmental Council of Customs Brokers of the compartment of Genoa, Genoa Licensed Customs Brokers Association, the Association of Brokers, Carriers and Shippers Association of Genoa agent and ship brokers and Airplanes Agents of Genoa.
The computerized project of Hub, was born in 1996 and its main purpose was the exchange of messages with the Customs.

The initiative is among the first in Italy and it obtained a big success. The traffic of documents, since the 1 year, has been significant, reaching 40,000 customs declarations submitted. The data traffic has an exponential increase year after year, with more than 1 million documents from 2003.
The Hub computer network, which is initially an intranet, immediately started using Web technologies and since 2002 is focused on the portal www.hub-net.it.

Following agreements with major protagonists of the Genoa Port, the services of Hub have increasingly expanded with the objective of providing users, with a system for exchanging electronic documents for all port cycles.
Since August 2002, relationships with the main terminal of Genoa began working and a system to exchange messages, was created for them.

In the first six months of 2004, on charge of the Port Authority of Genoa, Hub has a leading role in designing and implementing the first component of the Ligurian port community. The computerized system, called E-port, comes out in May 2005.
In the course of time, Eport strengthened its relationships with the Financial Police and the Customs Agency, which play a key role in the re-organization design of the document interchange in the port of Genoa.

E-port is a property of the Port Authority of Genoa and it's actually extended to all activities of import and export. More than 5.000.000 documents have been involved only in 2010.
In 2008 Hub creates for its reference shareholders, Agents and Brokers, and with the collaboration of a major bank, a computerized payment system which is strongly connected with the port daily business and can appreciably simplify some fulfillment related to the issuing of goods in the import cycle.

In 2010 Hub starts a relationship with the federal national associations of freight forwarders and shipping agents.
First concrete result of this collaboration is the computerized system for the port of Ravenna, from January 2011.
Moreover, following the introduction by the Customs Agency of the amendments on security from January 2011, Hub provides telematics services to shipowners from all over the world.